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An understanding of geography and archeology deepens our appreciation of the Bible. NextSunday Gallery has been developed by Smyth & Helwys Publishing to enhance the educational experience in both academic and congregational settings.

Illustrating historical sites and presenting panoramic vistas, this ever expanding collection of images cover mountain tops and valleys, cities and villages, deserts and rivers. Visualizing the places and along with the historic artifacts of the people whose faith story we share, offer information and inspiration. They provide a context for understanding.

The lands of the Hebrew Scriptures and New Testament in this visual resource include Egypt, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan and Turkey. Along with the images, a collection of maps is provided.

Seeing the natural environment and human structures informs our understanding of the Biblical narrative. This teaching resource connects the text to its historical setting and provides orientation for those planning a visit or a reminder of previous travel to the Holy Land.  


Who we are ...

The principal photographer and editor of NextSunday Gallery is Dr. James M. Pitts, former University Chaplain and Professor of Religion Emeritus, Furman University, and Chairman of Smyth & Helwys Publishing. At Furman he taught Introduction to Biblical Literature, Archaeology and Geography of the Biblical World, which included directing travel study programs to Africa, Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East.  Recently, Jim accepted an invitation to serve on the faculty of the Jerusalem Institute for Biblical Exploration.

A valued consultant for this teaching resource is Dr. Charles R. Page, the Academic Dean of the Jerusalem Institute for Biblical Exploration. Since 1968, he has been excavating, spending a good portion of the year in Israel. Charles has taught thousands of students in courses in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, and Turkey. He has led or participated in excavations at Tel Arad, Beersheva, Beth Shean, Bethsaida, Har Karkom, and Kursi/Gergesa.


Other faculty and friends of the Jerusalem Institute for Biblical Exploration have agreed to offer pictorial contributions to this educational endeavor. Should you be interested making available photographs to this comprehensive collection, please contact:



We welcome your feedback on how NextSunday Gallery serves you and your students.

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